Anti-oxidative protection without Ethoxyquin and BHT

In recent years ZMC has intensively studying alternatives for synthetic antioxidants such as ethoxyquin or BHT. Anti-oxidative protection based on nature-like stabilizers can be achieved by our successfully developed new production technology.

This new technology is already used for our carotenoid preparations (Beta-carotene 10 %, Canthaxanthin 10 % and CAROFORTE® YELLOW 10 %) as well as for our Vitamin A feed grade products (Vitamin A 500).

We have extensive research and trial data available showing the good stability of our products compared to those stabilized with technical antioxidants.

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Advanced, brand new Vitamin A 500

ZMC has set a milestone by developing a sophisticated Vitamin A 500 feed additive preparation, which – in contrary to products on the market – does not contain any technical antioxidant (like Ethoxyquin, BHT or BHA) for stabilization of Vitamin A against oxidation. Only nature-like stabilizers are used for protection of Vitamin A.

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