ZMC has enlarged its product portfolio by launching CAROFORTE® YELLOW 10 % in the market. The product contains 10 % xanthophylls (mainly lutein) from natural source (Marigold flowers).

CAROFORTE® YELLOW 10 % is a remarkable step ahead in terms of stability and efficacy of xanthophyll-products from Marigold-origin. Traditional xanthophyll-products for feed application lack stability even by using powerful ethoxyquin as antioxidant. As ethoxquin cannot be used in future, stability-problems will become more evident. Xanthophylls in CAROFORTE® YELLOW 10 % are effectively stabilized by coating technology using natural based antioxidants, shelf life of 3 years is guaranteed.

Natural CAROFORTE® YELLOW 10 % is an excellent, economic pigmentation-alternative to products in the market based on synthetic pigment apo-ester not only in view of current supply situation. CAROFORTE® YELLOW 10 % fulfills consumers increasing preference for complete natural ingredients in feed also.