Nutritional Additives

ZMC-Europe provides a wide range of nutritional additives for application feed, food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals to European market. All products are manufactured by mother company Zhejiang Medicine Co. Ltd (ZMC) in state of the art factories in Zhejiang province/China. ZMC is a leading manufacturer in the world of vitamins and carotinoids. Quality of all products is in accordance with all international specification-standards and ZMC is certified by various international QM-systems (e.g. ISO 22000 and GMP+) [Our Products]

Quality Guaranteed

ZMC-Europe guarantees quality of products throughout the supply chain. Company’s internal processes are constantly reviewed by external independant organisation. ZMC-Europe is certified by GMP+. ZMC and ZMC-Europe are committed to earning the customer’s trust by providing products and service of superior quality. All products meet international standards and specifications. ZMC as manufacturer has certified quality management systems as requested by feed , food, cosmetic  and pharmaceutical industry in Europe. [Our Quality]