Historical cut: ZMC has finished era of using Ethoyxquin or BHT in feed additives

Historical cut: ZMC has finished era of using Ethoyxquin or BHT in feed additives

For decades of years it was industrial standard all over the world to use chemicals not found in nature like Ethoxyquin as antioxidants in feed additives sensitive to oxidation like Vitamin A 500 or A 1000. Because these chemicals were easy to synthesize, cheap and very effective as antioxidants. Looking only at the technical benefits of these chemicals but not to aspects like safety for consumer, a severe disadvantage was not in the scope for long time as there is a remarkable carry-over effect into the body of animal via feed. As a result Ethoxyquin or BHT end up to some extent in meat, milk and eggs for human consumption.

Now latest since EU issued directive 1831 in 2003 it was obvious, that safety aspects have to be more considered for use of chemical antioxidants, resulting in suspension of widely used antioxidant Ethoxyquin in 2017. And also antioxidant BHT is under safety investigation by EU/EFSA since more than 10 years!

Already in 2005 ZMC introduced a Canthaxanthin feed additive as coloring agent for eggs into the market, which was stabilized avoiding Ethoxyquin as antioxidant but using nature like compounds. Substitution of Ethoyxquin in Vitamin A feed additives is a real challenge and took a lot of efforts, but finally ZMC set  milestone by introducing in 2017 an Ethoyxquin/BHT  free Vitamin A 500 feed additive preparation into the markets.

In 2020 next product without Ethoxyquin/BHT was Vitamin D 500.

By introduction of Vitamin A 1000 stabilized with nature-like antioxidants only, ZMC has ended the era of using chemical antioxidants in every ZMC feed additive.

ZMC products without ethoxyquin/BHT:


Vitamin A 500

Vitamin A Palmitate 1.7 M, feed grade





Stabilisation with nature-like antioxidants

ZMC is a leading manufacturer of vitamin- and carotenoid preparations for application feed. These preparations have to be protected against oxidative spoilage. Technical studies in recent years have shown that an effective stabilisation is possible by using nature-like antioxidants. There is no any necessity to use so-called technical antioxidants, which create safety concerns due to verified carry-over of these artificial, chemical substances into any species via feed.

Consequently ZMC has decided to ban any usage of any artificial, chemical antioxidant (e.g. BHT, BHA) in all Vitamin A-, D3- and carotenoid-feed additives completely.


ZMC has enlarged its product portfolio by launching CAROFORTE® YELLOW 10 % in the market. The product contains 10 % xanthophylls (mainly lutein) from natural source (Marigold flowers).

CAROFORTE® YELLOW 10 % is a remarkable step ahead in terms of stability and efficacy of xanthophyll-products from Marigold-origin. Traditional xanthophyll-products for feed application lack stability even by using powerful ethoxyquin as antioxidant. As ethoxquin cannot be used in future, stability-problems will become more evident. Xanthophylls in CAROFORTE® YELLOW 10 % are effectively stabilized by coating technology using natural based antioxidants, shelf life of 3 years is guaranteed.

Natural CAROFORTE® YELLOW 10 % is an excellent, economic pigmentation-alternative to products in the market based on synthetic pigment apo-ester not only in view of current supply situation. CAROFORTE® YELLOW 10 % fulfills consumers increasing preference for complete natural ingredients in feed also.

Anti-oxidative protection without Ethoxyquin and BHT

In recent years ZMC has intensively studying alternatives for synthetic antioxidants such as ethoxyquin or BHT. Anti-oxidative protection based on nature-like stabilizers can be achieved by our successfully developed new production technology.

This new technology is already used for our carotenoid preparations (Beta-carotene 10 %, Canthaxanthin 10 % and CAROFORTE® YELLOW 10 %) as well as for our Vitamin A feed grade products (Vitamin A 500).

We have extensive research and trial data available showing the good stability of our products compared to those stabilized with technical antioxidants.

For further information please contact Dr. Fritz Lübbe, f.luebbe@zmc-europe.com.

Advanced, brand new Vitamin A 500

ZMC has set a milestone by developing a sophisticated Vitamin A 500 feed additive preparation, which – in contrary to products on the market – does not contain any technical antioxidant (like Ethoxyquin, BHT or BHA) for stabilization of Vitamin A against oxidation. Only nature-like stabilizers are used for protection of Vitamin A.

For detailed information please contact Dr. Fritz Lübbe (f.luebbe@zmc-europe.com).

Introducing the better canthaxanthin

ZMC is a leading producer of canthaxanthin for application feed.

Constant product development at ZMC resulted in a new canthaxanthin-preparation based on an advanced manufacturing technology.

The new product will be marketed under the brand name


CAROFORTE® RED 10 % is excellent in efficiency and stability. And CARFORTE® RED 10 % is superior in purity.

Inform yourselves about the advantages of CAROFORTE® RED 10 % during EuroTier 2016 and visit us in hall 18, booth C18.

Strong in nutritional additives for food application

ZMC-Europe offers various vitamins (e.g. Vitamin E, Biotin, Vitamin A) and carotenoids (e.g. Beta-carotene) manufactured by our mother company Zhejiang Medicine Co. Ltd. (ZMC).

Zhejiang Medicine Company (ZMC) will participate in the Fi Food Ingredients Europe fair, the world’s leading health and natural food ingredients event. Take the opportunity to visit us in Frankfurt from 29th November to 1st December 2016, booth G39.

ZMC-Europe – the partner for the compound feed industry

Visit us at EuroTier 2016

For almost 3 years ZMC-Europe is an approved, reliable, strong and competitive partner of the compound feed industry.

Established in November 2013 we are the European daughter of the company Zhejiang Medicine Co. Ltd. (= ZMC) based in Shaoxing, Zhejiang (P.R.China). ZMC-Europe bundles all previous sales activities via various sales channels with regard to supply of the European market with vitamins (e.g. A, E, D3, biotin) and carotenoids (e.g. beta-carotene and canthaxanthin), produced by ZMC. Moreover ZMC-Europe offers every kind of technical customer service for all aforementioned products.

We invite our customers and business partners to visit us at EuroTier in hall 18, booth C18.

ZMC-Europe launches new Website

ZMC-Europe has launched a new website. It offers an overview over the company’s products and services for customers based in Europe. Customers are informed about available products, quality certifications and company memberships. ZMC-Europe now also provides a news section with up-to-date information about company developements and products.

The new website is available for standard pcs as well as mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.